Each Winter the library Director and the Board of Trustees prepare a budget for the following year. In the Spring, this budget may be put to a vote before registered Olean City School District voters. Voting takes place at the library on a date set by the Library Board. An election of one or more board members to a 5-year term may also take place at this time.

Applications to receive an absentee ballot:

Applications to receive an absentee ballot for the May 7, 2019 Olean Public Library Trustee Election and Budget Vote are available at the Information Desk in the library.  Requests for applications may be made in person, by phone or by mail.  Qualified voters of the Olean City School District who are unable to come to the Olean Public Library to vote because of work related activities, a medical condition or vacation may receive an absentee ballot.  For more information, call the Olean Public Library at 372-0200.