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Technology Basics


Both of these resources are free and usable without creating an account.  Both offer an option to track your progress and additional features with an account or paid subscription.  As with most free services on the internet their pages are covered with advertising so some caution must be taken when clicking.

  • Rapid Typing Software offers a downloadable suite of keyboarding resources called Rapid Typing 5 which can be downloaded HERE.
  • Typing.com is a web-based site offering typing lessons and tests.  The page with Lessons can be found HERE.

Mouse Skills

  • Mousercise is an older web-based skills game that teaches the basics of using a mouse. While it is an older application and very linear it does a good job of covering the basics of using a mouse such as double clicking and click-and-drag.  Mousercise can be found HERE.
  • GCFGLobal offers a variety of tutorials, HERE is a link to their basic mouse tutorial.

Webpage Creation

HTML is a good way to get into a coding frame of mind.  It does not require any special aps or equipment but can offer some early practice with the grammar and logic of coding.  HyperText Markup Language is used to define the structure of a web document semantically, or by using language to label and define the relative position of parts of a webpage.  In other words, webpages are not simply pictures but rather relational parts of a whole that have names like Header, Body, Menu, etc. that must be defined in certain ways.  CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is the language used to shape the way a webpage/document appears in a web browser.  CSS sets the rules for things like color, size, and font of a document built in HTML.  With CSS the way a webpage looks can be completely changed without changing its fundamental structure.

  • W3Schools offers tutorials and exercises for many different programming languages including HTML and CSS
  • Notepad++ is a free code editor that you can download and use to experiment with HTML and CSS.  Save files in .txt to your desktop Then right-click on the icon, then left click ‘Open with’ to select a web browser and see as a webpage.
  • To see an example of how CSS changes the appearance of a webpage without changing the content check out CSSZenGarden.  Various user created style sheets are listed on the right hand side of the screen, clickin one will overlay that style on the CSSZenGarden webpage.

Python Programming

Python was designed to be concise and easy to read, similar to using regular English.  It is also an interpreted language which means it does not require the use of a compiler for a computer to execute the code.

  • The Mu Editor is a code editor scaffolded specifically for beginning programmers.  It installs a very basic form of python and an editor that can be used to learn the basics without some of the more complicated steps of installing the full version of Python.
  • The official home of Python, python.org
  • W3Schools Python Tutorials