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Posting on Public Bulletin Boards

  • Items for posting may promote non-profit civic, cultural, educational, recreational and charitable organizations and events. Items for posting may not be for personal or commercial advertisements.
  • Items for posting must be approved by Information Desk Personnel or Library Director. Library personnel will date items with a removal date and post them on the bulletin boards designated for public use. Items posted without permission will be removed and discarded.
  • Items may be posted for three (3) months or as long as valid depending on available space. Library personnel will remove and discard outdated materials. Items may be repositioned and older materials removed as space is needed for new items. Library personnel can not return posters or flyers that have been displayed.
  • Posting or distribution of materials by the Library does not indicate endorsement of issues, events, or services promoted by those materials.
  • Library sponsored activities may be posted in other locations.

—Adopted January 21, 2004, revised December 2013