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Meeting Rooms


(Adopted: 09/15/2004; Amended: 05/16/2018; 05/31/23)

Groups and individuals using the Olean Public Library’s meeting rooms must submit the Meeting Room Agreement annually. Submit the form by mail, fax, or in person to the Circulation Desk.

Submitting the Room Use Agreement form and/or use of a room constitutes acceptance of the Meeting Room Setup Procedure and Meeting Room Policy below.

  1. The Library Meeting Room/Art Gallery and Conference Room is available to non-profit organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, recreational or charitable activities on a first come, first served basis. The Story Hour Room may be used only with the permission of the Director.  Groups using the room may not charge an attendance fee, and the public is free to attend.  All groups must have adult supervision at all times.  Profit-making companies and individuals who wish to use the rooms to educate the public will not be exempted from the non-profit requirement.
  2. Organizations may book the meeting rooms up to three months in advance. Except for Library and Library related programs groups may not book the meeting rooms in advance more than once each month; limited series of weekly or daily meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Director. If the meeting room is not in use, groups may sign up at the Circulation Desk to use the room. Library-sponsored activities take priority in the use of the room and the Library reserves the right to reschedule or cancel meetings.
  3. Maximum permitted occupancy will not be exceeded. The Art Gallery legally can hold no more than 48 persons.  The Conference Room can accommodate 10 at the table and a few more on the periphery.  The Story Hour Room can hold 23 persons.
  4. Groups booking rooms will need to assume responsibility for setting up chairs, tables and equipment and for returning things to their appropriate place. Light refreshments may be served with the permission of the Director. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.  The Group is responsible for clean up and removal of all trash and debris from the building.  Organizations holding meetings assume responsibility for any damage to the room or its contents. The Library assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or liability that may arise through use of the facility.
  5. The meeting room may be used during library hours until 15 minutes before closing time. Access to the building before the Library is open will not be permitted. Groups wishing to stay beyond closing time must receive permission from the Director and will be assessed $50 an hour.  Access is limited to the meeting room, restrooms, and building entrances/exits only. After-hours use will only be permitted if a Library staff member is available to unlock and lock the building, and must be present in the building for the duration of the event.
  6. Meetings that in anyway interfere with the operation of the Library or which threaten the safety of library staff or patrons or property will not be permitted. Meetings may not violate the “Rules Governing the Use of the Library.” Violation of these regulations may result in denial of permission to use Library facilities in the future.
  7. Solicitation for non-profit community organizations fund-raising projects will not be allowed upon the library premises, but such display and space for fund-reporting activities and passive library-user-initiated sales may be authorized at the Director’s discretion. (11/17/76- Board of Trustees Meeting)
  8. The Organization is responsible for event or program advertising and publicity. The Group or organization using the Library Meeting Rooms may not imply that the event or program is sponsored, co-sponsored, hosted or endorsed by the Library in any advertising or publicity.
  9. The Olean Public Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of meetings or meeting room users.