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Mission Statement

The mission of the Olean Public Library is to assist all people with their educational, informational and recreational needs.

–Adopted 02/15/2023


Gateway to Popular and Older Materials
The Olean Public Library features current high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats for people of all ages. The library also adds to the cultural memory of the area by preserving historical materials. The library actively promotes and encourages the use of the collection and assists people in finding materials to meet their needs.
Family’s Door to Learning
The Olean Public Library encourages families to participate in reading and learning activities with their children by providing materials, programs, and services for all ages. Cooperation with other child and family agencies in the community is ongoing.
Information Center
The Olean Public Library actively provides timely, accurate information in a variety of formats for library users. The library offers and promotes reference and information services to help users locate needed information. When information is not available locally, the library aids users in finding it elsewhere.
Lifelong Learning Center
The Olean Public Library supports the lifelong learning experiences of people of all ages. The library maintains a robust collection of non-fiction materials in a variety of formats in support of independent learning projects. The Library provides programs, services, and staff assistance to enhance lifelong learning skills.