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Olean Public Library Serving the community since 1871

Library Administration

Mission Statement

The mission of the Olean Public Library is to provide equal access to materials in various formats, programs, services, and professional staff to assist all people with their educational, informational and leisure needs.

–Adopted 01/16/2013


Gateway to Popular and Older Materials
The Olean Public Library features current high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats for people of all ages. The library also adds to the cultural memory of the area by preserving historical materials. The library actively promotes and encourages the use of the collection and assists people in finding materials to meet their needs.
Family's Door to Learning
The Olean Public Library encourages families to participate in reading and learning activities with their children by providing materials, programs, and services for all ages. Cooperation with other child and family agencies in the community is ongoing.
Information Center
The Olean Public Library actively provides timely, accurate information in a variety of formats for library users. The library offers and promotes reference and information services to help users locate needed information. When information is not available locally, the library aids users in finding it elsewhere.
Lifelong Learning Center
The Olean Public Library supports the lifelong learning experiences of people of all ages. The library maintains a robust collection of non-fiction materials in a variety of formats in support of independent learning projects. The Library provides programs, services, and staff assistance to enhance lifelong learning skills.

Library Board

    term expires
Lanna Waterman President 2017
Earl McElfresh Vice President 2015
Ann Tenglund Secretary 2016
Michael D. Kasperski Treasurer 2014
Edward Wagner Trustee 2016
Patrick J. Casey Trustee 2017
Harry Wolfrom Trustee 2018

The Olean Public Library Board meets on the third Thursday of each month—September through June—at 5:30 PM in the library conference room. All meetings are open to the public.



Each Winter the library Director and the Board of Trustees prepare a budget for the following year. In the Spring, this budget may be put to a vote before registered Olean City School District voters. Voting takes place at the library on a date set by the Library Board. An election of one or more board members to a 5-year term may also take place at this time.

2014 Budget Vote

Copies of the Library's 2015 proposed budget are now available at the Library's Information Desk. The budget includes a 2% increase in the Library's annual appropriation—the first increase requested by the Library in five years.

Anyone with questions regarding the proposal should attend the public presentation scheduled for Tuesday, April 8, 2014, at 7:00 PM in the Library's Meeting Room. Copies of the 2015 budget are available at the Information Desk of the Library and will be available at the budget presentation.

Voting on the 2015 budget increase and the election of one Library Trustee takes place at the Olean Public Library on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. All residents of the Olean City School District that are registered to vote in general elections may vote. Absentee ballots are available. Contact the Library at 716 372 0200 for more information.

2015 Proposed Budget (pdf)

Strategic Plan

–Adopted Jan. 16, 2013.

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