Renewing Material

Items not on reserve may be renewed twice. Renew in person, by phone at 716 372 0200, or from the online catalog.

Interlibrary Loan items require special permission from the lending library to renew. Please submit your request to renew these items a few days prior to the due date. Items borrowed from any CCLS library are not considered interlibrary loan items.

Note the new due date for each item. Remember, you can renew materials twice before they must be returned to the library. Items that have reserves will not be renewed and must be returned to the library by the due date.

Returning Material

During regular library hours, return all items in book drops located inside the library and at the library entrance. All items except Art Prints may be returned in the outside book drop whenever the library is closed.

Items borrowed from any member library may be returned to any other member library.